Chapter 1

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Purpose of this Manual

This manual has guideline and framework for data collectors that will help them is carrying out their duties effectively. The content of this manual should address the roles and responsibilities of data collectors across the church, also highlighting the implementation of DiscipleSoft. Data collection is the back bone for any system.

Overview of the Data Collection Team Ministry

Data collection team is an extension of the ushering team, their main task is gathering information from first time guests. The information collected is crucial in following up guests and provides statistical reports that help in monitoring and evaluating the growth of a church. 

The church needs approximately 30% to 45% of its church size to be properly integrated in order to maintain a healthy growth rate. As such there is need for our guests to be in a database. The first stage of integrating them, is to make sure they fill in the welcome or visitor’s card.

Visitor’s Card – The Main Data Collection Tool

The most important tool for a data collector is the Visitors Card. The Visitors Card has to be designed in a way that is not intimidating for the visitor, it is important that only a few necessary details are obtained on the first contact with a visitor, more information will be collected later. Here are the basic details that every card must have:

Full Name

This is an absolute requirement, for all future engagements the guest has to be addressed by their name always, addressing a person by their name subconsciously warms up a person to you.

Email Address

  1. Be able to reach a person on a formal note 
  2.  To send invites for calendared events, e.g. Easter play, All Night Prayers etc.
  3.  Send soft copy material of the church, i.e. brochures, books etc.
  4. Send links of the published  blog articles

Phone Number

Usually the initial contact with a guest after their visit is done either by sending a thank you for attending SMS or a voice call, therefore it is important that you get their phone number.

Responded to Alter Call?

It is important to establish if a guest also responded to the alter call for salvation. In the case that they did the follow up person is made aware of this so that they do the recommended course of action.

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