Chapter 2

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The Life Cycle Church Growth concept helps to breakdown church growth into its constituent parts. The framework provides a simple model that can be used to attract visitors and convert them into loyal and committed members. The prescribed steps in the framework are as follows:

  1. A church should have abundant and relevant programs to attract people,
  • A relevant church is a church that people can easily connect to because of the services, activities and programs that cater for the community. 
  • 1. Teaching Function – The ministry of the Apostle Paul was relevant in all the societies that he found himself ministering in mainly because he taught both theology and Christian living. A relevant church should have diverse discipleship programs that touch on Spiritual life, Relationships, Health, Business, Finances, Careers, Family etc. 
  • 2. Fellowship Function – A relevant church should have programs that allow people to fellowship with each other generally and even in specific groups of mutual interests. Through these programs people are inspired, they  learn, they grow and most importantly become family. 
  • 3. Service Function – A relevant church creates a platform for people to serve in the community and in the house of God. Under this function your outreach programs transform both the people who are being served and those that are serving them. Studies have proven that people get to know of the goodness of our Lord through the impact that a church can make in a community by serving, giving and helping. Studies have also shown that 42% of church visitors say that availability of volunteering opportunities influence their decision when searching for a new congregation. Therefore it is important for a church to have such opportunities

2. A church should have a strong online presence to attract people, 

  1.  The main place where you find everyone from everywhere is the internet therefore your church should also be in that community. Having a website, a social media page or a custom Church Mobile App is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Anything that functions without making use of technology can easily become irrelevant. Many would say the internet is for young people but Africa has a young population. Statistics say 65% of Africa’s population is below the age of 35 years and those are the people that are highly active online. If you want to reach out, communicate and attract more people in your community become a modern fisher of men – go fishing online

3. A church should have, a well thought out visitor welcome protocol,

  • Research has shown that 79% of visitors value feeling welcomed at a church. Your church has to have a well planned welcoming strategy to retain more visitors to church. An unforeseen consequence of not having a proper welcoming team is that the church remains stagnant. Welcoming visitors is biblical in every sense, it is an expression of love.  Matthew 25:35 “…I was a stranger, and ye took me in..” without neglect our church should be welcoming.
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