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When a person adds their record on Gather the information is then sent to DiscipleSoft Web and stored under Self Registration database where it has to be manually verified by an administrator before it is integrated with the main database. To access the list of members who have registered through Gather follow the steps below:

When you have clicked on Self Registration you will get a list of all members who have submitted their information through Gather. One of the following actions can be performed on the record:

  • View
  • Edit
  • Approve
  • Resolve

Every church has to identify an administrator who will be responsible for verifying the member details submitted before they are integrated into the main database. This process is absolutely crucial, whilst there are many advantages of self registration, one draw back is that some of the registrations might not done correctly or in a few cases might be from non members who would have somehow gotten the app and registered. 

The administrator can perform the following on each record displayed:


This will give the administrator a full view of all the information submitted. This could be a good place to start if you want to check particular details that were not show on the table. The full view of the member record looks like the picture below. Most of the details will be displayed on the GITAR section that is to your right


When you have gone through a member’s details and you find something that needs to be edited like a spelling mistake or omitted address, just click on Edit and you will get the record back in editable format like shown below: 


When you are satisfies with the details that have been submitted, click on Approve to move the record to the main record.


This is probably the most important function on the database. Our software has the potential of picking up potential duplicates and bring them to your attention. A record will be flagged as a candidate for duplication under the following circumstances:

Scenario 1: Match on First Name & Surname

This can happen when a member updates their information and the information they submit obviously matches what is already in the system. This can also happen when 2 people share identical first name and surname, for example, a father and son, even unrelated individuals can share a name

Scenario 2: First Name matches to an email or phone numbers

This usual happens when in female members updating their information. Say a single female member registers on the system, they come back to update their record but this time they are now married and their surname has changed but their email address and phone number is still the same. In such a case the administrator is alerted of this issue.

On the Self Registration database a potential duplicate is highlighted in a yellow colour as displayed on the record below:

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