DiscipleSoft Web Overview

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DiscipleSoft Web is an all-inclusive platform designed with broad and rich functionality. It covers all the key functional areas in any growing church and allows church leaders to stay on top of all the major issues. DiscipleSoft Web is the core system that works together with an ecosystem of mobile Apps like Pulse, Church App and Gather. These are covered in detail in their respective user guides.

Features and Functionalities of DiscipleSoft Web

  1. Membership Management 
  2. Leadership Tracking
  3. Appointments Booking
  4. Branch Database
  5. Visitors Follow Up
  6. Converts Follow Up
  7. Evangelism Planning
  8. Digital Evangelism
  9. Bulk SMS and Emails
  10. Finance Management
  11. Pledges Tracking
  12. Automated Messaging

In this User Guide we will explore how to use DiscipleSoft.

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