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What is Gather App?

This is a mobile app that every church member will download for free and use to capture their member information. Once they have saved their information, it is sent to DiscipleSoft Web. This mobile app is a replacement of a physical registration form that your members can use to register their information. The app has other features like a communication feed, live broadcasting and inbox, however these features are not to be focused on in this campaign. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Advantages of Self Registration through Gather

Traditionally registration on DiscipleSoft was primarily driven by paper registration forms that were used to collect member information. Members would fill in these forms then the administrators would capture the information onto DiscipleSoft.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic that resulted in cancellation of church services, it necessitated an innovative way of collecting member information without the need to physically meet and distribute the forms. 

With Gather members can submit their information electronically by simply downloading an app, complete the registration form and their information is saved on Gather and also sent out DiscipleSoft.

With Gather one can update their information on their own as regularly as neccessary which is crucial for maintaining an up to date database. 

Gather also help in connecting families together. Married couples can link their record to that of their spouse and children. One parent also can register and keep track of their children’s details.

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