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This module can be found at the top left corner in the Pulse App as shown above. It includes the tools for growth and steps to be taken to conduct a successful onboarding process, which is done over 10 weeks. It has 5 sub-modules:-

  1. Implementation Manual
  2. Teams
  3. Progress Reports
  4. Assesment Test
  5. Assesment Statistics

Implementation Manual
This sub-module contains information on the onboarding process that’s done in 10 weeks. It teaches the user about the implementation and onboarding process.

This is where functional leaders and the support team can be added. The functional leaders are the leaders who work with the Branch Representative during the onboarding process. The Support team is the DiscipleSoft Team that can be contacted when necessary.

Progress Reports
These are the weekly reports that can be used to track progress of the onboarding process. Progress can be tracked for members, visitors, converts and activities.

Assesment Test
This is a test that can be used to measure a person’s knowledge of DiscipleSoft products. The test has 20 questions which are meant to determine how much a person knows about Disciplesoft, Pulse and Toolkit etc.

Assesment Statistics
This is a board of results. The Results from the assesment tests are published on this board. The Assesment Test results of every member can be displayed on the Assesment Statistics board.

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