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This is where you can find the church videos for example, recorded sermons, recorded praise and worship sessions and gospel music videos uploaded by the admin or media team. There is also an option to live-stream a church event as shown in the picture below. To live stream a program or event you have to click Videos And Live Stream:-


These are audio sermons or spoken messages that can be uploaded and listened to on the platform or church app. You can add a podcast by filling in information in the fields as shown in the image above. After adding a podcast you then click save.


These are writings that can be referred to from time to time after adding a podcast. After adding a podcast, you have to determine which series it falls under. Series have to be set or entered automatically to permanently save them. To add series you click on series as displayed in the image above. As displayed in the image below, you have to click on Add Series, and after filing in all the necessary information, you click save.

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