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The Converts integration process is a very key part of the church growth equation and thus should be done methodically and strategically. This module is designed to give your Convert Integration Team a powerful platform to methodically execute the integration of all the Converts.

When a visitor makes the decision to become part of a church, they move from being a member to a new member through a process that is initiated from the visitor database.

Changing a Visitor to a Convert

Step 1: Identify the visitor record you want to view and click on View as shown below

Step 2: Go to Internal tab on the Follow-up Panel and click on Make Convert

Step 3: Assign an Integration Person

Once a visitor goes through the process above, their information comes and sits in the Converts Database where the newly assigned Integration person will be waiting can then start the process of assimilating them into their new church.

The integration process has in built automation that ensures that none of the converts fall through the cracks. The automated integration functionality is used to handle all standard and repetitive communication with the new member and the assigned integration person. Automation removes over-reliance on people for tasks that can be handled with a computer software.

All Inclusive Profile View

This a powerful feature that allows you to view all the key information on any convert from one place. Other than the basic information on the convert you are also able to send them an email or SMS, schedule or log a meeting and schedule or log a phone call.

Make a Member

When a convert has gone through the required 90 days integration process that we recommend and the Integration Person is satisfied that they are fully integrated it is time to move them to a Member.

This is by in one simple step by clicking on Make a Member as shown below:

Choose Classification

For those new members who are not ready to be moved to the main members database after the 90 day integration process, select the classification that best suits them.


Regular attendance to the main service or small groups is a good indication of someone being integrated into the church family. During the integration period it is important for the integration person to monitor the convert’s attendance to any other church events outside the main service. If a convert attends any church event where an attendance register is taken for example Cell group or New Believers Class their attendance will be displayed as shown below:

Sunday Attendance

Sunday Service attendance is tracked separately from all other attendances we discussed above. The Sunday Service is one of those events which attendance is very difficult to take due to the volume of the people present. However for an integration person, they have the responsibility to be creative in ways of finding out if the convert they are responsible for has attended the service. This could be through a phone call, text or by observation, the integration has to then manually add attendance to each service for the 90 days that the convert is going through integration.

Step 1: Click on Capture Attendance

Step 2: Complete the form and remember to check the attendance box on the days they attended service.

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