Topics: 4. Pulse User Guide

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Jun, 6
This module has a page that has information about other DiscipleSoft products, such as DS Church GrowthToolkit, Church App, Follow App and Disciplesoft Web. On this page, one can view and see the products and how they work.


Jun, 6
Pulse is a mobile application designed to manage the core functions on DiscipleSoft from your mobile phone. It is also a great tool for group leaders as they can also use it to manage information specific to their groups. Pulse App has the following modules DashboardMembers and Attendanc...


Jun, 6
From Pulse, you are able to carry out the following member-related functions: Add a MemberView a Member RecordRecord Member Attendance for cell groups Adding a Member One of the key advantages of Pulse, is the ability to add members from your phone. The information that is col...


Jun, 6
Overview Most churches do a great job of welcoming visitors and making them feel welcome but fail miserably at collecting visitors' information for follow up purposes. For those that do, the collected information usually ends up in a box or file forgotten. With Pulse we want to make ...


Jun, 6
Overview The transition from a visitor to a convert is a critical process in a member's journey and should be carefully monitored to ensure that no convert falls through the cracks but all are fully integrated into the life of the church. To access the Converts database click on Converts ...


Jun, 6
Overview There is an inbuilt support center within Pulse that you can use for assistance, making it easy to reach out when you need help. Support is through e-mail, SMS or a voice call. There is no need to look for support phone number or email addresses, they are all inbuilt in the ...
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