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Jun, 6
Churches everywhere are turning their focus towards growth be it numerical growth, financial growth, asset growth or any other criteria they might prefer. One thing that is true for everyone is that growth is only achieved through successfully converting visitors into new members, which will indire...


Jun, 6
The Visitor module on Church Growth App is divided into two tabs, Visitors and Pledge. We believe that with how important visitors are to church growth, the visitor team has to be committed. We have put 10 points that we believe every one on the visitors' team should pledge to do as they carry out ...

New Members

Jun, 6
Overview The transition from a visitor to a member is a critical stage in a new members's journey and should be carefully monitored to ensure that no new member falls through the cracks but are fully integrated into the life of the church. To access the New Members database click on New Membe...


Jun, 6
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