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About the Company

Jun, 6
A. Where is DiscipleSoft Head Office? Disciplesoft's Head Office is in Bryanston in Johannesburg South Africa. The company also has it's offices in Marlborough in Harare Zimbabwe B.What is the Company's track record DiscipleSoft has been providing solutions for churches since 2011. We ...

DiscipleSoft Web

Jun, 6
DiscipleSoft is everything your church needs empower your leaders and teams for growth and excellent administration. Are there any hardware specifications in using Disciplesoft? Web-based software, often called Software as a Service (SaaS), has clear advantages compared to a locally host...

About Mobile Apps

Jun, 6
How do l download the App? To download the App go to Play store for all gadgets using the android OS and App store for those using Apple gadgets. Type the correct name of the App and click install. I can't find the App on App store and Play store. Please ensure you are using the correc...


Jun, 6
A.What do l need to put in place for a successful implementation of Disciplesoft? The successful implementation of Disciplesoft is driven by a number of key factors. The first key is putting a good team together to lead implementation. Ensure they all have access to material provided to you ...


Jun, 6
A.Do you offer Free Trial? Yes, we have a Free Trial which will remain open as long as you are actively engaging the platform. However, if there is no activity for more than 14 days after signing up for the Free Trial your access will be cancelled. B.How does a Free Trial work? A free...

Security Matters

Jun, 6
“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Tony Robbins A. Ownership of the software The Software is designed and wholly owned by Disciplesoft Pty Ltd. DiscipleSoft grants the User a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the software. D...

Finance and Administration

Jun, 6
Contractual Flexibility Our goal is to provide convenient, flexible contract options to address the widest range of budget needs. Here’s how it works: The service is made available to you on a month to month instalment systemThe monthly instalment is fixed regardless of the number of user...
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