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Feb, 2
These are messages for encouragement sent to the church by the operator. They could be sent daily or weekly or according to what the operators agree on. To add a devotion, you click Add Devotion then you have to fill in all the details required and after adding you save. Editing Devotion...


Feb, 2
Events can be recorded and planned using this module, e.g All-Night Prayers and Weddings. To add an event, you fill in all the details on the Events page and click Submit at the bottom of the page as shown above. To edit an event, you click edit on the specific event you wish to edit. ...


Feb, 2
This sub-module is used to make public announcements and notices to the church, for example if a pastor wants to announce an all-night prayer. You can add an announcement by filling in the details required on the Announcements page. After this you click submit. Live Search You c...

Media Content

Jan, 1
This is where you can find the church videos for example, recorded sermons, recorded praise and worship sessions and gospel music videos uploaded by the admin or media team. There is also an option to live-stream a church event as shown in the picture below. To live stream a program or event yo...

DiscipleSoft Church App Overview

Feb, 2
Let me ask you a few questions. Do you check your phone first thing in the morning when you wake up? Do you check it every hour? Half hour? More? Do you watch TV whilst you have your phone out checking WhatsApp messages or Facebook? Do you use your cell phone to check social media at work? You are ...
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