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DiscipleSoft Church App Overview

Jun, 6
Let me ask you a few questions. Do you check your phone first thing in the morning when you wake up? Do you check it every hour? Half hour? More? Do you watch TV whilst you have your phone out checking WhatsApp messages or Facebook? Do you use your cell phone to check social media at work? You are ...


Jun, 6
This sub-module is used to post announcements to the church, for example, a reminder for a meeting or cancelling of meeting among others . You can add an announcement by filling in the details required on the the form and then click on Submit to post it to the App Live Search You can...


Jun, 6
Use this module to populate your upcoming events. For some these events can be categorised into Local, Regional or National events depending on the structure of the church. Step 1: From the side menu, My Church App, go to Events as shown below: Complete the form below with the events deta...


Jun, 6
Devotions when they are regularly posted create anticipation in congregants as they look forward to receiving a word of encouragement. From the side menu to your left go to My Church App module and then to Devotions as shown below: Fill in all the details required, you have an option to...

Media Content

Jun, 6
Media Content covers the following three areas: PodcastsVideo Messages Live Broadcasting Podcasts These are usually audio files of sermons, music or any other content of your choice. Podcasts are usually organised into series that will the have more than one audio file. Say you have a 3 pa...
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