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DiscipleSoft Getting Started Guide

May, 5
Features and Functionalities DiscipleSoft Web is an all-inclusive platform designed with broad and rich functionality. It covers all the key functional areas in any growing church and allows church leaders to stay on top of all the major issues. DiscipleSoft Web is the core system that works tog...

Membership Management Module

May, 5
Overview This module is the core of the system, it is the foundation upon which other modules are built. It is designed to provide a strong foundation for building an engaged church through intimate knowledge of the congregation. A comprehensive database of your members is a great place to start...

Integrating Electronic Registrations from Gather App

Sep, 9
What is Gather App? This is a mobile app that every church member will download for free and use to capture their member information. Once they have saved their information, it is sent to DiscipleSoft Web. This mobile app is a replacement of a physical registration form that your members can use...

Visitor Follow-Up Module

Sep, 9
Overview  This module is part of DiscipleSoft web application. Through the module your church is able to methodically capture and follow up on visitors to the church. With this module, you will be able to stop the church growth leakage resulting from visitors falling through the cracks....

Converts Module

Sep, 9
Overview The Converts integration process is a very key part of the church growth equation and thus should be done methodically and strategically. This module is designed to give your Convert Integration Team a powerful platform to methodically execute the integration of all the Convert...

Groups Management Module

Sep, 9
Overview The Groups Management Module is an all-inclusive platform for the management of groups in a church. It has a comprehensive database with all the home groups, church groups, departments and special groups. For each group there is powerful functionality for groups management that inc...


Sep, 9
Overview The next module is Finance Management module, which has powerful tools for financial tracking and reporting. It has the following sub-modules; Collective Contribution – this will track all offerings made collectively  Individual Contribution – this module will track ...

Finance|Pledges and Expenses

Sep, 9
Overview In this section we are going to cover two sub modules of the Finance Module Pledges ManagementExpenses Management Pledges Management The Pledges Management sub module allows you to keep track of all the pledges that are done by members towards church fundraising goals. With thi...

Finance|Fixed Assets Register

Sep, 9
The Fixed Assets Register is a sub module of the Finance Module. This module allows you keep track of your fixed assets, the quantities, serial numbers, cost price and many more. It is important to point out at this point, that this is a Fixed Assets Register and there is no automatic calculatio...

Admin Management Module

Sep, 9
Overview The Admin Management Module is divided into the following:1. Contacts Database 2. Leadership Tracking3. Depository ReportsThe Admin Management Module, is accessed from the menu to the left by putting your cursor on Admin Management Module. How to Add an Assembly Step 1: Fr...
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