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How to Get Attention

Jun, 6
In this digital era, the attention span of the visitors you are trying to reach is rapidly diminishing. Undoubtedly, Mobile & Internet are the two ground-breaking innovations that has positively changed the lives of many people in the world but this has been a cost to our attention spans. W...

Visitor Nurturing

Jun, 6
This message is part of our comprehensive Visitor Nurturing strategy which driven by our messaging and automation tools within DiscipleSoft. In the next section we will outline how Visitor Nurturing is a powerful method for visitor follow-up and conversion. Visitor Nurturing Overview Whe...

Calling Scripts

Jun, 6
We firmly believe that the Visitor Follow-Up Team should have well prepared calling scripts that they can use with the visitors. Despite the bad reputation that call scripts seem to have especial in the areas of sales, they can be a helpful tool - but, only if they are used wisely. A well-craft...

Visitor Follow-Up Path

Jun, 6
First Time Visit Action: Visitor provides information through the Visitors Card Tools: Visitors Cards People Involved: First Time Visitor and Visitor Information Collection Team Comment: You should ensure that there is always enough Visitors Cards and that all visitors are asked to...

7 Effective Ways to Follow Up with Church Visitors

Jun, 6
It seems like most churches fall into one of two categories when it comes to following up with visitors. The first type of church acts like they only get one visitor every ten years. They are franticly friendly and smother visitors. When you visit this church you find yourself race walking t...

Integration Roadmap

Jun, 6
Change status from Visitor to New Member Action: All collected Visitors Cards are captured on the system. All visitors information will be saved into a Visitor Database available on both DiscipleSoft and Visitor Follow App. Tools: Visitors Follow App or DiscipleSoft People Involved: ...
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