Who We are

Our Team in Bryanston Office, South Africa

We are boutique software development company founded in 2011 in Johannesburg. We have offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg and Marlborough, Harare. The founding of the company was motivated by the realization that were no technology company with exclusive focus on churches. This reality was unacceptable to us because we believe that the church is the most important institution in the world. As such, technology should be fully exploited for the benefit of the church first before any other institution. It is this passion that drives our mission to give the church access to cutting edge technology.

We believe that technology will make it possible for God’s work to be executed with distinction. To this end we have congregated a team of highly qualified individual to pursue this mission. We will talk more about our team in a later section.

Our various technology solutions have been implemented in the following countries, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our clientele span a wide spectrum which includes some recognised churches like Apostolic Faith Mission, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Anglican, Faith Ministries, Lutheran, Reformed Church, UFIC, PAOZ, New Life Covenant, Roman Catholic and successful ministries like Oasis Christian Assembly, True Vine, Upper Room to name but a few.

To get in touch with us, please use the support section on this app.

Our Team in Marlborough Office, Harare