Chapter 1

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Purpose of this manual

The Greeters’ ministry is a very pivotal department to have as greeters contribute immensely to the guest’s first impression of the church, their decision to return and eventually being integrated into church. This manual serves as a guide on how greeters should minister to the guests. It constitutes of principles and ethics required from a greeter in order to serve fully; and bring in expected results. 

Overview of the Greeters’ Ministry

According to a research institute; the average church sees 6-10% of their first time guests returning for the second time. This is strongly influenced by the type of welcome they would have received, overall treatment, and the sermon preached.

When people walk into a church for the first time the individual that greets them is, to them, the church. The opinions they are forming of the particular individual who is helping them are the opinions they are forming of the church.

Greeters help guests feel at ease and resolve the guests’ fear of not knowing where to go and what to do. Greeters reassure the guest that they made the right decision by coming to worship with them. As such the church needs a vibrant greeters’ ministry which will make guests feel comfortable when they visit them.

All this highlights the importance of having warm faces, anticipating a new guest, showing them around as well as ready to be their new friend. Greeters do not only provide vital information needed by a first time guest; but warm up the church, brings in a human and enjoyable element and experience that will linger to the guest, thus, influencing them to opt the church as their place of worship.

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