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The next module is Finance Management module, which has powerful tools for financial tracking and reporting. It has the following sub-modules;

Collective Contribution – this will track all offerings made collectively 

Individual Contribution – this module will track any offering where you can identify the contributor like tithes. All individual contributions will be confirmed either by email or SMS as soon as they are captured on the system. Other facilities on this module include tithing for couples and companies.

Expense Tracking – this module will track all the expenditure within the church 

Pledge Management – this will track pledges made towards fundraising projects. It also includes an ability to manage part payments

Assets Management – this will allow you to track all the fixed assets owned by the church in the form of a fixed asset register

Key Terms

Finance forms include some terms that you need to comprehend. These include:

Select Group

Finance contributions in a church can come from various groups within the church, for example, through cell groups, departments or demographic groups like ladies or men. On this field, you should identify the source of the money, whether it comes from the main church, cell group, department etc.

This is a very powerful functionality that will help you to produce reports by group. On the Groups Module that we will cover later, group leaders can generate finance reports for their respective groups.

Contribution Type

On DiscipleSoft we do not use the traditional nominal accounts as most accounting systems do rather we drive everything using classifications. Contribution Type groups related to financial transactions are organized into categories that are easy to use for example Sunday Offering, Tithes, Thanksgiving etc.

Payment Method

For contributions it is important to identify the method of payment used for example cash, transfer, mobile etc. This is useful when doing reconciliations and also for churches with a variety of ways through which members can make contributions.

Paid To

This is used to identify the different bank accounts that the church has, each transaction is associated with the account that it is paid into or paid from. This is very useful when doing bank reconciliations.

How to Add a Collective Contribution

Collective Contributions are all the contributions that are done at a communal level and are not attached to an individual a common example would be Sunday Offering

Step 1: To access the finance sub modules click on Finance Module on the menu to the left and select Collective Contribution

Step 2: Click on Add Collective Contribution

Step 3: Complete the form and click Save when you are done

Individual Contributions

Individual Contributions are contributions that are done by church members and have to be recorded against their name, a common example would be Tithes.

We have some very smart features within the Individual Contributions that I would like to highlight first before we get into adding an individual contribution.

Tithing Couples

It is common practice that some couples prefer to tithe together as one rather than as individuals. With DiscipleSoft you are able to link couples together which will allow them to tithe together. Here are the simple steps to link couples who tithe together

Step 1: Select Register Tithing Couple from the Finance Module sub modules to your left

Step 2: Select the name of the husband and the wife and Save. Once you have done this the two will be linked and their tithing history will also be available on both records.

External Member Tithing

In some organisations it is common practice that when a member is away from home for work, holiday or any reason they might choose to fellowship at another branch that is within their network of branches. If such a visiting member makes their tithe at the branch they are visiting, with this feature the transaction is recorded at the visiting branch but reflects on the member’s tithing history in their home branch.

The financial implications of this is that the branch where they are visiting will receipt the money and its reflected in their financial records whilst at the home branch it will only show that a tithe was made at another branch with no impact on its financial records

Adding an Individual Contribution for a member

Step 1: From the Finance Module to the left, select Individual Contributions

Step 2: Click on Add Individual Contribution

Step 3: Complete the form, and pick member’s name from the dropdown

Adding an Individual Contribution from a Couple

Step 1: On the form, activate the Couple to YES as shown below:

Step 2: Select the Husband’s Name from the drop down and it will automatically populate the Wife’s Name

Step 3: Complete all the fields and Save

Adding an Individual Contribution for an External Member

Step 1: On the form, activate the External Member button to YES as shown below:

Step 2: Select the Visitor’s Branch and the find Visitor’s Name from the drop down

Step 3: Complete the rest of the form and Save

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