Groups Management Module

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The Groups Management Module is an all-inclusive platform for the management of groups in a church. It has a comprehensive database with all the home groups, church groups, departments and special groups. For each group there is powerful functionality for groups management that includes group communications and reporting. 

There are two main sub-modules for the Groups Management Module:-

Groups Management – this is the all inclusive view for the Group. From here a group leader can comprehensively manage everything from group members, visitors, attendance to meetings, new members as well as keep a pulse on the groups’ finances.

Activities Management – This module is mainly used by the main administrator to manage meetings and details such as attendance statistics and attendance register.

Groups Management

Step 1: From the Groups Management Module to your left select the Groups Management sub module

Step 2: If you are the main church administrator you would have to select the group you want to view otherwise when logged in as a group administrator you will go straight to your group view.

The group’s all inclusive view has 3 main sections that I would like to highlight

  1. Group Information
  2. Group Health Checks
  3. Group Panel

Group Information

This has the groups basic information like the name of the leader, their contact and number of registered members

Group’s Health Check

This is where a group administrator can review the attendance score, tithing score etc to manage a group’s statistics

Group Panel

This is where the main information of the group is recorded, e.g tithing records, attendance and names of the members and visitors.


When converts are going through the integration process, a huge part of their success story lies with how well they are integrated into groups. It is the responsibility of group leaders to keep track of converts that have been assigned to their group.

Another important responsibility of group leaders

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