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Our Family of Church Growth Products

Thank you for visiting Growth Toolkit. If you are interested in growth for your church you are at the right place, we ask you to patiently go through the material presented on this platform. We are confident that tools and strategies we offer will take your church to the next level.

Why are some churches so effective at reaching people and making disciples and grow, while others remain stagnant year in and year out? The answer to this question is not geographical, denominational, philosophical, or generational. The answer is in the attitude toward growth. Growing churches have a fundamental belief that growing their churches requires vision, thought, strategy and tools. 

Focus on Growth

Welcome to Growth Toolkit, this is a platform built to give church leaders access to tools and information to grow their church and advance their God given mandate. Today there are all varieties of churches in size, shape and color that are effectively growing by meticulously defining steps to achieve their desired growth goals and methodically applying our tools.

Our Company

Our company is made of highly qualified professionals from MBA’s, Chartered Accountants, Computer Scientists and Software Developers. Our team has combined experience working in United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Our technology solutions for churches have been implemented in the following countries, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our clientele span a wide spectrum which includes some recognised churches like Apostolic Faith Mission, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Anglican, Faith Ministries, Lutheran, Reformed Church, UFIC, PAOZ, New Life Covenant, Roman Catholic and successful ministries like Oasis Christian Assembly, True Vine, Upper Room to name but a few.

Our Tools

We have an ecosystem of software tools deliberately designed to help churches in their growth efforts. In our product development, we have embraced the power of mobile technology as evidenced by the number of mobile apps in our product list. Mobile technology has spread rapidly around the globe. Today, it is estimated that more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, and over half of these connections are smartphones. We believe that this growth in smartphone is a great opportunity for the church in many ways. Below is a list of our tools;

Product 1: DiscipleSoft

DiscipleSoft is our flagship integrated software platform designed to address the full spectrum of administration and growth needs of your church. The cloud based platform utilises the latest software design protocols to give any church a strong foundation for administration and growth. 


  1. Membership Management
  2. Finance Management
  3. Visitor Follow Up
  4. Converts Integration
  5. Evangelism Planning
  6. Groups Management
  7. Activities and Attendance Tracking
  8. Leadership Tracking
  9. Communication Management
  10. Reports Management

Short Demonstration

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Product 2: Pulse Mobile App

We believe that every church should have a very strong strategy for their different groups. Groups provide a great platform for the church to put its vision into action. Actually, you have a better chance of achieving your greater vision as a church if you can break it down into your groups. But this all starts by having strong group leaders who are vigilant to the role their group play in the greater church vision and are given the right support and tools. Pulse is a mobile app that empowers your group leader to manage their groups effectively.

To access DiscipleSoft on the web, the user needs to launch a web browser and enter the URL and wait for the site to load. On the contrary, the mobile apps are quick and take only a few seconds to launch. As most of the information is stored in the mobile application itself, it is possible to use some of the functionality offline. Customer support is another important element that is directly integrated into the mobile apps. This support also offers self-help instructions and help customers resolve issues on their own.

  1. Dashboard Reports
  2. Membership Management
  3. Finance Management
  4. Visitor Follow Up
  5. Converts Integration
  6. Activities and Attendance Tracking
  7. Bulk SMS and Email Communication

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Product 3: Follow App

I am sure you can relate to this. You have first time visitors at your church and you give them a welcome pack, an applause, and an invite to join and then they never hear from you again? Or maybe you led someone to the Lord in a church service and in the excitement forgot to get their contact details? Or you are frustrated by the lack of information on where all the visitors and new salvations went. You handed out over 150 Visitor Welcome packs in your service, but your church attendance doesn’t show where they went after that first visit.

You might even be a church administrator that needs to communicate with visitors, but you use outdated and slumberous ways of capturing their information. An intentional follow-up strategy lessens the frustration of not knowing and helps steward the people God adds to your church. This is the purpose of Follow App. The app has real-time synchronization with DiscipleSoft, whatever is done on the app is automatically applied to DiscipleSoft. 


  1. Follow Up Dashboard
  2. Visitor Follow-Up
  3. Converts Follow-Up
  4. Salvations Follow Up
  5. Evangelism Planning

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Product 4: Church App

Mobile phones have become communications hubs, diaries, entertainment hubs, primary source of news, wallets or banks. The fact is, as a pastor or church leader your church members are heavily dependent on their mobile devices to stay connected to their most valuable everyday tools, for information and communication.  The question is how does the church react or respond to these developments? Ignoring these developments will be a huge mistake, the church has too much to lose and so much to gain.

Pastors and church leaders have the opportunity, perhaps even the responsibility to craft a deliberate roadmap on how to take advantage of these developments in mobile technology. Church App is our response to churches who want to take advantage of these developments. Church App is the best mobile app to keep your church community engaged.


  1. Devotions
  2. Audio and Video Sermons
  3. Announcements or Notices
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Live Broadcast
  6. Make Pledges Online
  7. Cell Group Database
  8. Member profile
  9. Settings

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Product 6: Soul Tracker Mobile

Jesus delivered the Great Commission. In it comes the command for all the peoples of the earth to be reached with the good news. But who was Jesus speaking to? Was it to the original apostles only? To the church at large? To particular local churches? To frontline, missions-minded people? Or is it given to each and every Christian? We believe the Great Commission is a command to every Christian, that is why we developed Soul Tracker.

Soul Tracker is a mobile platform that is designed to stimulate the involvement of church members in evangelism and outreach. Each member is able to capture the people they witness to or invite to church and individual entries are pooled into a real-time feed that can be seen by everyone. The same entries are built into a database for future follow-up. With Soul Tracker your church can bring excitement and energy in great commission. Other than tracking Witnessing and Invitations, Soul Tracker also has facilities for members to share their testimonies, prayer requests, encouraging words or check-in when they attend a service or group meeting.


  1. Post after Witnesing
  2. Post Church Invitations
  3. Post Testimonies
  4. Post Encouraging Word or Prayer Requests
  5. Check In to Church Services or Events

Short Demonstration

If you have slow internet the demonstration might take time to load, just be patient.

What’s in the Next Section?

Next Topic: Church Growth Dynamics

In the next section, we are going to discuss in detail what we believe are the building blocks of sustainable church growth.

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